Pump Track & Skate Park

Located in the heart of Carleton Junction, the Carleton Place Pump Track & Skate Park is a highlight for residents and visitors alike.

The Pump Track loops around the outside of the Skate Park on a paved pathway and has two different tracks to allow for users of all ages to participate.

A pump track is similar to a BMX track but enables riders to pump through a series of features in a continuous loop. Using a pumping action, the rider pushes down with their arms and legs in harmony with the track features to maintain momentum without pedalling.

The Skate Park sits on a concrete slab and features: bank ramp, grind rail (round), grind rail(kinked), grind box, grind ledge, stairs, and quarter pipe. This park is very user-friendly for all comfort-levels.

For more information on these amenities, please contact the Recreation & Culture Department: 613-257-1690