Picture Perfect

Whether you are a serious photographer or looking for that selfie that will get you a ton of hearts, Carleton Place has an abundance of stunning photo locations.

Carleton Place Town Hall

Town Hall is an obvious choice for both locals and visitors. Built in 1897 and designed by architect George W. King. A landmark that is important both historically and architecturally, Carleton Place Town Hall is a fine example of the Richardsonian Romanesque style.

This building can be shot from a variety of angles. One of the most popular is from St. James Park which is across the river and can be accessed from Bell Street.

You can also see a side profile and the bell tower from the overlook platform on the Ottawa Valley Recreation Trail.

Standing in front of the building on Bridge Street will get you a great shot of the heritage front doors.

Roy Brown Statue

Flying a Sopwith Camel in World War I, Captain A. Roy Brown, a son of Carleton Place, brought an end to the legendary Red Baron and his Flying Circus over a remote field in France.

The design of the Captain A. Roy Brown statue was completed by Artist David Clendining. Completed and installed in 2020, you can find the bronze statue in Sinclair Square at 200 Bridge Street.

A full-size bronze propeller is mounted beside a bronze plaque commemorating the fight.

Central Bridge

Completed in 2022, our award-winning Central Bridge has an interesting light feature that changes seasonally and for special occasions.

It is most commonly photographed from Sinclair Square which is the park where the Roy Brown Statue is located. This location is most commonly used because of the opportunity to catch Town Hall in the background.

There are two good locations on the other side of the Bridge. One is in the parking lot behind the Information Centre at 170 Bridge Street. During Spring and Summer months you can stand by the municipal docks and get a great shot. There is also a small park beside the Town Hall where you can get up and close!

Mississippi Riverwalk Trail

A path winding through mature trees, with the Mississippi River running parallel to the trail, the Mississippi Riverwalk is a nature photographer’s dream. Wildlife, wooden bridges and a lookout point over the river are highlights of this location.

Murals Everywhere!

Carleton Place is certainly scenic – both in its natural beauty and its cultural attributes. If selfies are your thing, we have some beautiful backdrops here in Carleton Place.

Head over to our Murals page for a full listing to see which one best matches the vibe you are looking for.

Centennial Park

Riverside Park gets its fair share of admirers due to its sprawling and picturesque landscape. But one of the best-kept secrets is capturing this park from across the water in Centennial Park. By doing so, you can get the Carleton Place Canoe Club in your shot. The Carleton Place Canoe Club is the oldest continually operating club in the country and is the only surviving charter member of the Canadian Canoe Association.

You can often catch paddlers on the river as the water is relatively calm and inviting for kayakers and stand-up paddle boarders.