Haunted Heritage

Discover Carleton Place’s Spookiest Spots

Have you ever been walking through a building and felt a chill run down your spine, without any explanation why? If this happens to you while you’re in Carleton Place, there may be a very good reason – Carleton Place has its fair share of ghostly happenings, some of which have been verified by experts in paranormal experiences.

When considering the lengthy and rich history that spans 200 years, its no wonder Carleton Place is know for its ghosts and unexplained happenings. Formerly know as Morphy’s Falls, Carleton Place is a town of rich history and interesting stories, and the streets and building have seen a lot over the years.

Take some time to discover Carleton Place’ spookiest spots, and you’ll  uncover exciting stories, incredible history, and maybe spot a ghost or two during your travels.

Haunted Heritage Guide